What is a balanced nutrition?

Balanced nutrition is a pattern of eating habits and nutritional choices which provides your body with all the necessary nutrients in optimal quantities and ratios, while minimizing the exposure to toxic and unhealthy ingredients.
Balanced nutrition is healthy! It is a good nutritional approach that helps your body maintain its health and prevents illness.
Balanced nutrition is realistic, not too restrictive, flexible and long-term sustainable.
Balanced nutrition is economically affordable.
Balanced nutrition is simple and elegant, easy to follow.
Balanced nutrition is culture friendly and can be followed in any country and culture.
Balanced nutrition is family friendly, and can easily be followed by entire family.
There is more than one balanced nutrition approach. There are some large groups of balanced approaches to nutrition, but each person is different and has different needs and preferences, so for each person there can be a unique balanced nutrition, just for them, which can be more or less based on some well-established approaches.

What balanced nutrition is NOT?

Balanced nutrition is NOT a miracle cure for all illnesses.
Balanced nutrition DOES NOT guarantee perfect health and avoiding illness. In fact there is NO SUCH DIET THAT CAN GUARANTEE PERFECT HEALTH. Perfect protection shield against illness DOES NOT EXIST.
Balanced nutrition is just a nutrition, it does NOT guarantee happiness or fulfillment in life.
Having a balanced nutrition is NOT your purpose in life. Balanced nutrition is there just to keep your body well fed and healthy, your purpose in life is what you will DO in life with your mind and body, what you’ll achieve, in whatever field. YOU CHOOSE what’s your calling in life… You can feel your calling in life better than anyone else.
Remember, you eat to live, and you don’t live to eat. Excessive focus on food is not healthy, no matter if it’s a focus on hedonistic indulgencies or self-righteous and “ultra-healthy” self-denial and asceticism. They are both wrong approaches.
Balanced nutrition does NOT cause social isolation.
Balanced nutrition is NOT considered weird or crazy by society.
Balanced nutrition is NOT too restrictive.
Balanced nutrition is NOT too complicated.
Balanced nutrition is NOT perfectionist or idealistic.
Balanced nutrition is NOT just about weight loss.
Balanced nutrition should NOT be too expensive.