Sweets and desserts

They are often included among junk food, processed food, fast foods, and other “red light” foods.
There is a good reason for it: they contain a lot of concentrated sugar, which your organism can’t use in short time, so it’s often automatically transformed into fat which then accumulates around your belly.

Furthermore, after a sugar spike which they cause, a lot of insulin is secreted in your body, which causes subsequent sugar crash, which then causes you to very quickly become hungry and crave more sugar.

They also contain a lot of fat, often saturated fat and trans fat, which is very unhealthy.
They have a lot of calories, and can easily make you fat if you relax too much.

However, it’s not all so bad, on the next page, you’ll learn that there are some healthy sweets as well, and there is a plenty of chance to make your life sweet.
And life should be sweet!

You should not completely avoid sweets. Even the unhealthy ones can be sometimes enjoyed as a part of human experience on this planet.
However, you should limit their intake very much and eat them only in very special occasions.
Always try to choose healthier sweets. The healthiest sweets are, logically, fruits! And they are delicious as well.
When it comes to traditional sweets, dark chocolate with low sugar content is actually very healthy, improves mood, has lots of antioxidants as well, but don’t eat more then 20-30 grams a day.

Sugar itself is usually not a big problem, because people use it in small quantities. So if you want your coffee or tea to be sweet, just 1-2 teaspoons of sugar will not harm you much, and it’s probably healthier than artificial sweeteners.

High quality milk chocolate, if eaten relatively rarely, is also healthier than most other junk foods and sweets. Also 20-30 grams a day should be upper limit.
Various cookies and other low quality sweets are best to be avoided.

Homemade cakes, tortas, pancakes etc, can be sometimes prepared and enjoyed by entire family. Pay attention to use high quality ingredients, and you don’t have to worry too much about sugars, fats and calories, as long as this cake making business is reserved for special occasions, such as birthdays, Easter, Christmas and other holidays and times of celebrations.

At those times, you can make even really rich and delicious cakes, and bring joy to your family. The upper limit of such special occasions should be once a month, no more than that.

The rarity of such treats makes them all that more special. Learn to value those moments and enjoy them from time to time. It’s possible to be a healthy hedonist as well!