How long until I reach my target weight?

Short answer: a lot. With Asymptotic Nutrition approach it generally takes around 1-3 years.

Long answer: since Asymptotic Nutrition is not restrictive, but normocaloric regimen (when you’re at your target weight), it creates only a modest deficits until you get there, after which point you keep consuming that same amount of calories, but you aren’t in deficit anymore because your energy expediture is also lowered and meets your energy intake.

Technically, and assuming perfect calculation, you never reach your target weight, but you slowly asymptotically approach it. After 1-3 years you should be within 1-2 kg from your target weight.

The fastest weight loss will be in the first days and months of switching to a new energy intake level, but even then it will be slower than with typical dieting (i.e. restrictive diets). After that it will be ever slower. This should not discourage you – this is expected – as your weight apporaches your target weight you’re ever closer to energetic equilibrium, and daily deficits, which are needed for weight loss become smaller and smaller, until they almost disappear.