How Asymptotic Nutrition can accidentally happen on its own with changes in circumstances?

Perhaps the most beautiful thing about Asymptotic Nutrition Approach, is that it can happen accidentally and unintentionally on its own. That’s because for it to work, there’s just one easy requirement: one needs to permanently lower their average calorie intake. Alternatively it can also happen when we keep the same calorie intake level, but permanently increase our activity levels.

And this lowering in calorie intake level or increase in activity level doesn’t need to be big. Even 100-200 calories of difference from previous energy intake levels will cause the loss of 5 to 10 kilograms over 1-2 years.

Here are some situations when this can happen:

  • Marrying someone who eats less or has different eating habits. Simply by adjusting slightly to their habits, we permanently change our own habits, and therefore, we can lose weight.
  • Moving to another country: adopting dietary habits from a different culture can influence our eating habits to a significant degree. It’s not a rare occurence that people lose or gain a significant amount of weight when they move abroad.
  • Getting a new job, that includes more physical activity, or perhaps that doesn’t leave you as much time for snacking etc… Or perhaps the food you get at work is more nutritious and less energy dense the one that you used to have
  • Getting involved in a big project or hobby, so that thinking of food becomes less important to you, and you simply end up eating less, without eveing trying.

In all of these cases, energy intake level can change, which will cause the body weight to asymptotically approach new equilibrium weight, even if this wasn’t our intention. It can go in both directions, people who move to countries with higher average weight than that of their country of origin usually gain weight, and vice versa.