Food groups

The basic food groups are:

1. Grains / cereals
2. Fruit
3. Vegetables
4. Nuts and seeds
5. Legumes
6. Fish and seafood
7. Meat
8. Eggs
9. Milk and dairy
10. Fats and oils
11. Sweets, desserts

Apart from these, we also need to pay certain attention to:

  1. Alcoholic beverages
  2. Industrially produced food (processed foods) and whatever is considered “junk food” and “fast food”.

For more information about each of these groups check their individual articles.

Here I’ll just point out to 2 things:

a) This is a rather arbitrary classification. Certain classifications group some of these categories together, for example, fish, meat and eggs could go together under “animal proteins” label. Also some would group together fats and oils with nuts and seeds, or vegetables together with legumes (beans).

However for the sake of clarity, I’ve kept them apart so that in indivudual articles I can give each group a proper treatment.

b) Healthy and balanced nutrition, for most people includes foods from all the food groups, without excluding any of them. The only exceptions is for people who, for medical reasons need to avoid certain groups of food. But as long as you are healthy, there’s no need to completely avoid any of them.

That being said, it’s worth mentioning that certain food categories, and by that I mean sweets and desserts, highly processed industrial food (junk food and fast food), and alcoholic beverages should be consumed in very limited quantities. It’s hard to completely exclude such foods in modern times, but we should certainly not make them our staple foods and base our eating habits around them.