1. Is Asymptotic Nutrition a complete, comprehensive nutrition plan?

No, in narrow sense, Asymptotic Nutrition is just an approach, idea or principle that can be applied to treating obesity and excessive body mass, and that needs to be combined with some other well-rounded nutrtition plan. I encourage everyone to talk to their doctor or dietician before making any changes to their eating habits, especially if they have any health concerns.

2. What does “asymptotic” mean?

In mathematics, an asymptote of a curve is a line such that the distance between the curve and the line approaches zero as one or both of the x or y coordinates tends to infinity.

In our case the curve is a function that shows body weight over time, and asymptote (we call it weight asymptote) is a target weight towards which the body mass tends over time, getting closer and closer to it, when we consume the amount of calories which we need at that target weight.

So we can say that body weight asymptotically approaches the target weight while technically never reaching it (in practice, of course you can reach your target weight, due to slight fluctuations in food intake and energy needs), thus we avoid two important pitfalls of standard diets:

  1. we avoid deprivation, as calorie intake is typically just slightly lower than it used to be – this also prevents waste of muscles and significant slowing down of metabolic rates
  2. we avoid end-of-diet mindset which leads to yo-yo effect

Next picture will show you weight changes in standard diets versus asymptotic nutrition approach:

3. Asymptotic nutrition is all about choosing an adequate, permanent calorie intake level that will slowly lead you to a desired weight – but what should we actually eat, what kind of nutrition should we receive while applying the principle of asymptotic nutrition?

You can choose any kind of nutrition plan, but I encourage you to choose some proven and sound nutrition plan, the best one would be the one personalized for you by your doctor or nutritionist… Some of the good nutritional plans, or ways organizing your of eating habits include:

  • My Plate – official US nutrition recommendation
  • DASH diet – a very good nutrition plan, mainly intended for treatment of hypertension, but also quite well balanced and good for general population as well
  • Mediterranean diet – one of the traditional ways of eating that has been shown over time to lead to good health and prevent many illnesses… there are currently many different versions of Mediterranean diet.
  • Your old diet – just slightly reduced – well if you had no health issues and if you can look yourself in in the mirror in your eyes and truly say that your eating was healthy – if it included enough fruit and veggies, healthy fats and protein… then perhaps there’s no need to change it much at all – just remove that extra cookie, and you’re fine… If you, on the other hand, have any health issues, please visit your doctor!