Eggs are generally healthy and nutritious. They have the best and most complete proteins with 100% bioavailability.
Egg yolks are high in cholesterol, so you must limit consumption of eggs if you are on low-cholesterol diet for some medical reasons.
However, for healthy people cholesterol from eggs is usually not a problem, because the main culprit for high blood cholesterol is NOT cholesterol taken from food, but too much saturated fats in diet.
Only 27% of fat in eggs is saturated. They also contain a lot of healthy unsaturated fats.
Eggs contain lots of vitamins as well, and are a very balanced food.
However, some studies show that eggs can increase risk for cancer, help cancers spread once they are established and increase bad cholesterol in blood.
As with meat, there is a concern about hormones and antibiotics, but this probably is not a real problem.
Since eggs are a very good source of protein, and we need to eat diverse foods, (because each and every food comes with some risks and bad effects), it is OK to include them in your diet, but the amount should generally be limited to max 5 eggs a week.
If you have cancer, don’t eat eggs!