Asymptotic Nutrition in A Nutshell and Developing A Food Culture

This article in a nutshell: Asymptotic Nutrition approach will tell you which caloric intake to permanently adopt, so that you can reach your target weight, and food culture will help you eat at that caloric level without explicitly counting calories. Asymptotic Nutrition is all about avoiding any sort of weight loss or weight gain diets,

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The Allure of Keto and Should You Give In To It?

Ketogenic diets (or simply: keto) are among the most popular diets right now. Reddit community about ketogenic diets has around 2 million members. The main idea of ketogenic diets is simple: drastically reduce carbohydrate intake so that your body is forced to use fat as the main source of energy. In the process of fat

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The Coffee Paradox

Most people drink coffee for energy, alertness or productivity and try to quit it for health concerns. It turns out however, that if your goal indeed is productivity, you’re better off without coffee consumption, and if you’re concerned about health, then you should keep drinking it. I personally drink coffee, perhaps even a bit too

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Descriptive vs. Prescriptive Nutrition

The problem with modern nutrition science is that it is too prescriptive, too normative… it mainly focuses its efforts on telling us what we SHOULD eat. It doesn’t spend enough time studying and trying to understand our already existing eating habits. And I think it is a big problem, mainly for two reasons: a) by

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Does beer give you a beer belly?

Beer! The perfect refreshment and staple drink in every pub in the world! We love beer – but does it cause our belly to, you know, become a beer belly? Well, folk wisdom ususally isn’t completely devoid of merit, but it often lacks scientific refinement. This time, too, this is the case. Let’s first examine

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Watermelon – Summer in The Form of Fruit

Watermelons are not like other fruits. A watermelon is an event, a special occasion, or even a feast. Everything about watermelons is ritualized… There’s choosing the right one part, where you tap on it and try to guess if it’s it ripe by the sound that it makes… There’s splitting it in half part… and

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What if obesity is not a disease, but merely a symptom? Introducing Hyperrexia

Some studies suggest that there is no cure for obesity except surgery and that long term weight loss is almost impossible. For example, for a long period of time, I was particularly discouraged by this article here: I suspect there is a lot of truth to these findings. I also suspect there might also

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Why I respect plain white sugar?

Here I am speaking about sugar – the product, white crystaline stuff you can buy at a grocery store and put in your coffee, tea or whatever. I am not speaking about sugar as a hidden ingredient of other products. White sugar is probably one of the most hated and demonized food stuffs, or culinary

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Asymptotic Nutrition is now online!

Welcome dear visitors! I’m Zlatko, the author of a new website about nutrition called “Asymptotic Nutrition”. Here you’ll learn about my original approach to management of obesity and excessive body weight, how this approach can be applied, what are its strengths, but also weaknesses, and how it, being incomplete on its own, can be combined

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