About this website (motivation behind all this)

This website serves 2 main purposes:

  1. To cover in detail Asymptotic Nutrition approach to weight loss
  2. To publish good content about nutrition, fitness and healthy living habits in general, with the special focus on making realistic changes, that are sustainable even in our busy schedules.

Regarding the first point – Asymptotic Nutrition, I explain it in detail in the main article and here we’ll talk a bit more about it’s purpose, and the motivation behind it:

Namely, I believe that Asymptotic Nutrition, offers a very flexible paradigm, that in and of itself is incomplete, but that can be combined very easily with any other approaches to nutrition.

It offers a different mathematical approach to energy dynamics in the body, that when properly applied can lead to a sustained weight loss, with minimal stress and minimal changes to previous eating habits. It is not to say that unhealthy eating habits shouldn’t be changed, all I am saying is that even with very little changes made, Asymptotic Approach can lead to long term success.

So the goal with this website is to demonstrate potential usefulness of this approach, and then to discuss potential ways of applying it in practice, including all the potential obstacles and drawbacks.

This is how I see the position of Asymptotic Nutrition Approach in the landscape of approaches to nutrition and especially weight loss:

The idea for asymptitic nutrition has come out of realization that mainstream science either denies that dieting works at all in the long term or admits to its working but only when combined with exercise and change of habits, with long term maintanance of weight loss still relatively rare.

Furthermore science says that dieting can do more harm than good to you, and this idea has lead to many approaches that focus on acceptance of being overweight or obese, and that are more focused on healthy eating, body positivity and prevention of eating disorders, rather than the attempt to lose weight. Such approaches come with the idea that we can be healthy at any weight, and that people with excessive body weight shouldn’t be discriminated against.

For serious cases of obesity, the recommended treatment is bariatric surgery as a long term solution that reduces morbidity and mortality and leads to a sustained weight loss. It comes with some risks though, so it’s not a light decision to make. But I too believe that in cases of serious, health damaging obesity, bariatric surgery is the best solution.

Asymptotic nutrion arose from:

  • realization that classical diets don’t work
  • realization that bariatric surgery is not for everyone
  • dissatisfaction with resignation and defeatist approach offered by acceptance and health at any size movements, as well as by an increasing number of mainstrem dieticians
  • on the other hand, also admitting that dieting indeed can be dangerous and that eating disorders (including orthorexia nervosa) are a real and very dangerous thing, and that sometimes it’s the best thing to do nothing – hence I often mention the principle of minimal intervention
  • realization that sustained weight loss should be physically very possible and unproblematic and that there are many people who would benefit from it
  • anecdotal evidence that sustained weight loss happened to many people naturally, without them even trying when their life circumstances changed, such as when moving to a different country which has different eating habits, or even marrying a person who has different eating habits.
  • realization that regardless of calorie intake one’s nutrition should be healthy and well balanced
  • realization that physical activity is indispensible ingredient for any healthy solution to weight issues

So with all this in mind I took a closer look at the maths and dynamics of classical low calorie weight loss diets, as they are the simplest for studying , and they demonstrate the underlying principle of all other dieting approaches for weight loss – even low carb and low fat diets, happen to also be low calorie (otherwise they woudln’t work). This allowed me to find out why diets don’t work, and how to fix them. And the reason and the solution are extremely simple – and this is the core of Asymptitic Nutrition approach:

Diets don’t work because after finishing the diet people return to their old eating habits and old levels of calorie intake. Restrictive diets create the sense of deprivation which makes people even more likely to return to old eating habits.

the solution: Instead of pursuing calorie-restrictive diet one should immediately adopt the level of caloric intake that is NORMAL for their level of activity at their target weight. This will gradually lead them to their target weight as they asymptotically approach it. Here you can see the difference between standard restrictive diet, vs. asymptotic nutrition approach:

Once this simple principle is clearly defined, what remains, and what will be further discussed on this website is:

The second goal of this website is to give our readers quality information based on evidence and critical thinking, on the general topic of nutrition. Still, it is all just for information purposes and cannot replace visiting your doctor and working with your dietician / nutricionist.