About Us

My name is Zlatko, and I work in sales in metal industry. Besides my main career path, I have experience in web design, translation and language tutoring. Nutrition and food science has been one of my passions ever since my teen years when I struggled with being overweight myself. I come from a medical family, with my mother being a medical doctor and my uncle a registered dietitian. Through working with him on his own website in 2016 I learned the core concepts of nutrition and food science, and from this moment on, my curiosity for learning more about nutrition has never been quenched. Being scientific-minded I critically examined various claims, and always tried to learn from reputable, trustworthy sources. In spite of not being formally educated in dietetics and nutrition, I believe that I can make some small contributions to the field and this website is one of my efforts in that direction.

I still occassionally work with my uncle, Goran, a registered dietitian and I regularly consult with him regarding some aspects of the content that I am publishing here. However, the main idea behind this website is my own, and I am the main contributor.

If you’re interested in working with him directly you can find him on his website dijetapro.wordpress.com . Even though his website is mainly for Serbian speaking audience he has been working with patients from other countries as well.

Goran Jovičić, a registered dietitian, my expert consultant