Asymptotic Nutrition is now online!

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Welcome dear visitors! I’m Zlatko, the author of a new website about nutrition called “Asymptotic Nutrition”.

Here you’ll learn about my original approach to management of obesity and excessive body weight, how this approach can be applied, what are its strengths, but also weaknesses, and how it, being incomplete on its own, can be combined with a personalized nutrition plan created by your nutritionist or with other approaches to nutrition. This approach will be most useful to nutritionists and dieticians themselves, as it provides a very simple principle that is incredibly flexible and can easily be combined with virtually any other approach.

If you’re wondering what “asymptotic” even means and for other questions you might ask yourself at the very start – feel free to visit our Frequently Asked Questions section.

Here we’ll also cover other interesting and relevant topics about nutrition, with the main focus on realistic and sustainable ideas / solutions, that can work even if you’re too busy with work, even if you’re on a budget etc.

Some of the pages on this website are still being developed. For example you can expect some improvements to the sections such as Nutrition 101, where we cover basic theory of nutrition. Some articles will be enlarged, some sections added.

In the future, in the blog section you can expect more interesting posts about nutrition, food science, culture of eating, even perhaps gastronomy. I’ll always try to have an original, rational and critical appraoch to these topics.

Feel free to make comments and suggest what kind of content you would like to see on this website!

Take your time to explore the website, feel at home! Until the next post… take care!

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